Smoothies (16oz)

Upgrade your smoothie to 20 oz + 1.00

Coconut Kale.

Coconut meat, coconut water. Banana. Kale. Cinnamon. Agave.


Raspberries, Blueberries, Apple Juice. Strawberries. Agave

Protein Smoothie.

Hemp protein, Banana, Almonds. Coconut meat, Agave, Coconut water.

Naturewell Special.

Coconut Meat. Coconut water. Grapes. Banana. Strawberries. Agave

Coconut Date.

Coconut meat, Coconut water. Dates. Banana.

Vegan Chocolate.

Chocolate Chips. Almond Milk. Agave. Cocoa
Powder. Coconut.

Field of Greens.

Kale. Spinach. Parsley. Banana. Chlorophyll. Moringa. Almond Milk. Dates. Chia Seeds.

Granola Special.

Granola. Coconut. Coconut Water. Dates. Banana. Protein. Maca. Almonds.

Strawberry smoothie.

Strawberry apple juice. Banana. Agave.

Coconut Cardamom.

Almond. Cardamom. Coconut meat. Coconut water. Agave

Dirty Chai.

Maca. Protein. Coconut. Coffee Beans. Chai Powder. Oat Milk.

Chocolate thunderbolt.

Cacao, coconut meat. Dates. Almond butter. Coconut water.

Super Acacia.

Acacia. Banana. Apple juice. Strawberries.

Pineapple Sensation.

Blueberry. Strawberry. Pineapple. Orange Juice.


Avocado. Lion’s Maine. Coconut. Dates. Spinach. Chlorophyll. Almond Butter. Banana.


Lavender. Almond Butter. Hemp Seeds. Chia. Banana. Blueberry. Dates. Almond Milk.

Fresh Juices (16oz)

Upgrade your smoothie to 20 oz + 1.00

Cold Buster.

Bell Peppers. Grape Fruit. Orange. Ginger.


Apple. Beet. Grapes. Ginger. Kale. Mangosteen.


Coconut water. Wheat grass.

Life Line.

Acia. Apple. Beet. Blueberries. Grape.

Healthy Heart.

Apple. Blueberries. Celery. Spinach. Strawberries. Grapes.

Beet It Up.

Beet. kale. Lemon. Ginger. Parsley.

All Greens/Hangie.

Bell Peppers. Grape Fruit. Orange. Ginger.


Broccoli. Carrots. Celery. Ginger. Parsley. Spinach. Kale.

Wake up.

Apple, Ginger.

Make your own.

Choose from any 5 fruits and veggies.

Di Hard.

Apple. Bell peppers. Broccoli. Grapes. Parsley. Strawberry. Swiss Chard.

Allergy warning: This store-facility shares equipment that use peanuts, almonds, tree nuts, wheat, soy and or other possible allergens and may contain small amounts of ingredients used in other products we prepare.
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