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Coping With Anxiety During Lockdown

If you are experiencing anxiety during the Coronavirus lockdown take a look at these following steps to help you stay well and reduce stress.

Daily Walks—While we are living in uncertain times it is good to get out for some fresh air during the COVID-19 lockdown. Follow local guidelines about social distancing and washing your hands when you get home to keep yourself as safe as you can be. A change of scenery and fresh air will benefit your wellbeing.

Breathing Exercises—There are lots of online breathing exercises and mindfulness programs that you can follow in order to lower your stress levels and help keep oxygen levels at the best that they can be. You may need to practice a few techniques until you find which is best for you.

Grounding—When panic sets in it is important to take care of ourselves so that we can regulate our breathing and our emotions. In order to ground ourselves, it can be helpful to notice things around us that relate to our senses. We could start by noticing one thing we can hear, one we can see, one we can smell, one we can taste, and one we can touch.

Talking—sometimes just getting things off our chest can help relieve some of the anxiety we are facing. If you have a family member you can talk to, whether it be in your home or on video chat, it is good to keep in touch on a regular basis. For those who are struggling to talk to family members or friends, there are many counselors offering online support.

Eat Well—Drinking plenty of water and consuming lots of fruits vegetables, nuts, and seeds will mean your immune system is in the best place that it can be if you did encounter Coronavirus.

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