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How Cold Pressed Juice Can Help Beat Coronavirus

100% raw juices smoothies taste great and offer a convenient way to consume nutrients that can help fight cold and virus, such as less serious cases of COVID-19 Most cold-pressed juices are natural and suitable for vegans which means that we have not added nasties that could have a detrimental affect on your health. By consuming juices or smoothies every day you can look to boost your immune system and therefore eliminate tiredness, help sore throats and reduce mucus that occurs when you have a cold or virus.

If you do not have a cold or virus but are worried about catching one you can take certain measures to make sure your body is in the best position to fight of disease. Some of the best foods to eat during cold and flu season are citrus fruits, blueberries, strawberries, avocado, spinach, kale, and ginger.

Here at Naturewell Juice Bar LA you can enjoy the following smoothies that are designed with your immune system in mind.

G-Immunity—contains kale and spinach for energy and ginger to reduce inflammation

Cold Buster—contains citrus fruits and bell peppers for vitamin C

Anti-Virus—contains apples and beets for antioxidants and fibre

Healthy Heart—contains blueberries to boost antioxidant levels that can help fight off disease

Di Hard—contains strawberries for extra hydration and bell peppers for a vitamin C boost

If you fancy making a custom smoothie we can add your ingredients of choice so that you can help your body in the best way for you. We take great care in preparing our juices and smoothies and they can be ordered via the phone or email for ease.

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