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Improve Your Wellbeing And Enjoy The Natural Beauty of Los Angeles

Whether you love mountain biking, running, walking, or adrenalin boosting hiking trails, there is something for everyone in Los Angeles. With the COVID pandemic continuing, now more than ever we need to look to nature to help with our wellbeing.

Los Angeles enjoys some of the best places of natural beauty in the USA, as well as the best juice bar and takeout restaurants. All in all, there are lots of great things to do for those who love to get away from it all and enjoy the outdoors in this lockdown period.

Walking and Hiking in LA

Getting out and about in the fresh air can help clear your mind and improve your energy levels. The best trails include Topanga State Park and Will Rogers State Park, as well as Hahamongna Watershed Park or Charles White Park. With such an abundance of trails, there is an activity to suit all abilities and fitness levels.

If walking and hiking are not your thing there are plenty of other nature spots in LA that can be enjoyed while adhering to social distancing measures. Activities include:

Beaches—beaches are open for active use only, so no sunbathing or picnics but you can play sport with family members as long as you socially distance from others. You may like to do yoga or pilates on the beach.

Golf—golf courses are now open around the city

Cycling—you can cycle but do take care to follow distancing measures, especially when riding by other people getting exercise

Even a short walk around your neighborhood can be of benefit, especially if you have limited access to fresh air in the form of a garden. If you are taking a daily walk in LA be sure to call into Naturewell Juice Bar Silverlake for an immune-boosting smoothie or cold-press juice for immune health.


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