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The Benefits Of Drinking Healthy Smoothies For COVID-19

As Covid-19 takes over our daily lives as we know it we are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle as best we can. While we follow government guidelines on self-isolation and social distancing to keep us safe, we can do lots of things to keep us healthy. It is important to keep our immune system in the best shape that it can be so that we are ready to fight off diseases, or recover from the virus if you have already experienced symptoms.

Takeout Juices from Naturewell Juice Bar

If you follow the correct protocol as outlined by the government you will be in the best position to avoid contracting COEating healthy can be as easy as combining regular exercise alongside diet that is enriched with vitamins and minerals. One easy way in smoothies and cold press juices as you can fit lots of ingredients in that help to boost your immune system, such as citrus fruits, blueberries, kale, turmeric, ginger, and papaya.

If you cannot source the ingredients to make your smoothie at home and you are looking for ‘smoothies near me’ you will find Naturewell Juice Bar. Naturewell will make your smoothies to order and have them ready to take out as you get your daily exercise.Our Altadena stores is closed during the Covid-19 crisis but you can enjoy our store in Silverlake if you are taking a walk in the area.

Contact us today and we can give your mental and physical wellbeing a boost during these uncertain times

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