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Custom Smoothie Catering By Naturewell Juice Bar

Updated: 1 hour ago

If you are planning a party or a special event and are wanting to have food and drink with a difference, Naturewell Juice Bar can serve custom smoothies. Our craft service allows for a fun and creative alternative for those who want a healthy option for guests.

Custom smoothies are popular all over the world as they offers a great way to eat your daily recommended allowance of fruit and vegetables hassle free. Smoothies and cold press juices are also popular among those who follow a raw food diet, a vegan diet, or those who are generally health conscious. If you want a diverse offering at your event we can choose from a large menu of smoothies, cold presses, and açai bowls to feed your guests.

Packages to Suit all Budgets

Custom catering is does not have to be expensive and the Naturewell team pride ourselves on providing excellent value for money. You simply need to discuss your budget with us and we can deliver a truly custom service that will suit your needs. When you choose our custom service you can look forward to high-quality products that are packed full of flavor and that will impress your guests.

With Naturewell Juice Bar you can set your budget, tell us what you want and then we can go away and make a plan. If you have no idea of many smoothies or açai bowls you will need then our experienced team can help you work out just how much you will need for your set number of guests. Our stores can be found in Silverlake, Downtown, and Altadena so we are never too far away. We have years of experience in the event catering field so you can rest assured your day is in safe hands.

To discuss our variety of 100% natural smoothie menus today, contact our team and we will help you get planning.


Naturewell Juice Bar understands the importance of your health and wellbeing, which is why we are a brand that you can trust. While we are awesome at creating natural and healthy fruit and vegetable based recipes, we are not health experts.

The information that we share on our blogs is based on our own personal experiences and research carried out by those in the health and wellbeing industry. We refer to the FDA and the USA Department of Health and Human Services for guidelines

Any information, recommendations, suggestions, testimonials, or advice that we offer regarding diet, nutrition, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle should be discussed with your doctor or a qualified health professional. Any changes to your lifestyle may involve taking risks so it is important to understand that the information you receive on our website or in person, and from our product descriptions do not take the place of official medical advice.

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