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Improve Your Immune System With Cold Press Juices Packed With Vitamin C

Updated: Apr 20

Naturewell Juice Bar LA know that Vitamin C has long been one of the key ingredients when it comes to fighting colds and flu as. Vitamin C helps strengthen your immunity if you are worried that you will contract COVID-19 or you are currently recovering from the virus.

People have always believed that a glass of orange juice at breakfast time or an orange at snack time is sufficient, but there are other ways that you can get vitamin C in to your diet. Smoothies and cold press juices are popular ways to get your nutrients, including vitamin C and other nutrients that will give your body the best chance of dealing with Coronavirus.

Takeout Juices from Naturewell Juice Bar LA

Naturewell Juice Bar is a 100% natural cold press juice bar that serves up raw ingredients in all of our recipes. We try to buy organic ingredients where possible and we aim to shop as local as possible for our supplies. Vitamin C can be found in the majority of our raw smoothies in LA, including our top-selling Berrylicious smoothies. We ensure that all hygiene process are adhered to and that new social distancing guidelines are a priority.

If you want to enjoy a risk-free smoothie or cold press juice you can all ahead with your order and we will have it ready for you to takeout during your daily exercise time.

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