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Reducing Stress Through Diet And Exercise

Updated: 6 days ago

If you are feeling stressed or over-tired and cannot seem to get out of a rut, you may need to think about your daily routine. Good sleep, regular exercise and a healthy diet can all improve your mood. Naturewell Juice Bar serves the best smoothies in LA that can promote energy, soothe the mind and aid sleep.

Good Seep and Exercise

Sleep and exercise are vital to maintaining good mental health, with many doctors ‘prescribing’ exercise as part of the road to recovery for those suffering from stress and anxiety. Taking a bath and enjoying a massage may work for some people, while a simple hint of lavender will help others, but one thing that everyone can rely on in the battle against stress is exercise.

You do not have to take up extreme sports or visit the gym every day, you simply need to find a level of exercise that works best for you and your body. A personal trainer or gym instructor can evaluate your current activity levels and will implement safe and achievable goals to up your exercise routine.

Fuel Your Body

You may be reading this and thinking “how can I exercise when I feel so tired” and it is something that I have a thousand times. The thing is, the more that you exercise the more energy you will experience and the more you will actually want to get up and get out. You may need to put in a little extra effort in the short-term but you will definitely feel the long-term benefits once you start sleeping like a baby again.

Naturewell Juice Bar LA has a large menu that is packed full of smoothies and cold press juices that can provide you with the energy you need before your workout. Customers say that our protein smoothie is the best smoothie in LA has to offer and we think we will have to agree with them!


Naturewell Juice Bar understands the importance of your health and wellbeing, which is why we are a brand that you can trust. While we are awesome at creating natural and healthy fruit and vegetable based recipes, we are not health experts.

The information that we share on our blogs is based on our own personal experiences and research carried out by those in the health and wellbeing industry. We refer to the FDA and the USA Department of Health and Human Services for guidelines

Any information, recommendations, suggestions, testimonials, or advice that we offer regarding diet, nutrition, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle should be discussed with your doctor or a qualified health professional. Any changes to your lifestyle may involve taking risks so it is important to understand that the information you receive on our website or in person, and from our product descriptions do not take the place of official medical advice.

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