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Top 5 Vegan Trends In LA

Updated: Jun 21

As more and more people are following a plant-based diet the LA vegan food industry continues to go from strength to strength. Naturewell Juice Bar always serves oodles of plant-based goodness every day in our vegan smoothies and vegan juices. If you are interested in all things healthy and vegan, we take a look at the top vegan trends in LA for this year.

  1. Vegan goes Mainstream

There are lots of awesome stand alone vegan eateries in LA but lookout for more mainstream restaurants offering a substantial number of vegan choices on their menus. This is great news for those who like to go out as a group of friends but are not all vegan.

  • New Dairy-Free Protein Sources

Think hummus shakes and tahini desserts that offer something new in the world of shakes. You can rely on enjoying shakes to suit your dietary needs at Naturewell , the number one LA juice bar.

  • Oat Milk

We know that oat milk is already a big thing but is about to get bigger as more coffee shops and shake bars, like Naturewell, are offering oat milk in their drinks for extra creaminess. You can also look forward to oat milk ice-cream being served out of LA food trucks.

  • Vegan Fast-Food

LA and food trucks go hand in hand and you can look forward to a whole array of vegan street food in LA as well as places like Naturewell where you can call ahead with your order so that you can eat well on the go. When looking for the best vegan juice near me, be sure to check out Naturewell.

  • Healthy Desserts

People have been creating low-calorie and low-fat desserts for years but never has there been so many unusual ingredients appearing in puddings. Avocado, hummus, beets, and sweet potato all find their way into the mixing bowl so that you can enjoy a lot of nice but not a lot of naughty.

To enjoy the best vegan smoothies near me when you are in LA head to Naturewell Juice bar today to your day.

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