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Naturewell Juice Bar Offers The Best Custom Movie Set Catering

Naturewell Juice Bar is a speciality catering team that all of your production team will love. Hire us today and your cast and crew can enjoy healthy custom smoothies throughout your movie production. If you are wanting hire a craft service provider for your film shoot, Naturewell Juice Bar is the most reliable in the business. We have many years of experience in the film production catering LA industry and have a number of repeat clients who depend on our reliable craft service.

A Craft Service that Suits Everyone

Naturewell Juice Bar has branches in Silverlake and Altadena where we make custom smoothies to those who love fresh food and drink. We serve up the best smoothies in LA and cater for events and on-set catering throughout the city. If you would like regular custom smoothies delivered to your set then you can set up an order at your convenience. Our craft service enable you to serve vibrant food and drinks to your cast and crew at any time of the day or night. One of our most popular orders is for açai and pitaya bowls that we deliver for breakfasts. Our healthy smoothies are also a popular choice, whether you choose from our standard menu or your crew create custom smoothies to suit their tastes.

Natural Ingredients

All of our smoothies, desserts, açai bowls, and cold-press juices are lovingly prepared onsite, often with organic ingredients, for freshness. If you are filming for a number of weeks and want to keep your team in the best shape we have a range of energy boosting and cold surpassing smoothies and juices, such as our G-Immunity Juice and our Protein Smoothie. You too can enjoy these wonderful flavours by ordering online or by phone today.

We are looking forward to hearing from you if you need to hire the best craft smoothie catering or your next LA film or TV production.

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